Sponsorship Opportunities

AISGW values the opportunity to partner with individuals and organizations who can provide meaningful, mission-related resources and benefits to our member schools. The chief vehicle for establishing these relationships is through AISGW sponsorships. Below is a description of the Association’s current policy regarding these sponsor relationships.


Who Can Be a Sponsor

AISGW sponsors can be an individual, organization, corporation, or company that is:

  • already serving as a proven and valued resource in AISGW schools; and/or
  • knowledgeable about the unique benefits, challenges, and operations of independent schools in general; and/or
  • familiar with AISGW schools in particular; and/or
  • known to AISGW leadership and/or recommended with a personal endorsement from an AISGW member, supporter, or colleague

 Sponsor Levels

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For more information about becoming an AISGW Sponsor, contact Lynn Maloney, or call (202) 625-9223.